This is the story of our family and our journey through a high risk pregnancy. It’s actually not much about us though, we’re just going through the motions, trying our best to walk by faith. It’s really the story of a BIG God who does things differently than we would, but is always with us, and is always in all of it.

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5 Responses to About

  1. Barbara Taylor says:

    Peter – I think of you and your family so often and wonder how you are. After all these years (39 to be exact) we are FINALLY building a house. We were able to locate your brother David and he put in our foundation for us – it was really good to see him again after all these years and catch up a bit on the happenings in your family. Do hope all goes well with you and your family and that your mom and dad are doing OK – I understand they have had some serious health issues recently. Our prayers are with you.
    Jim & Barb

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  4. Chelsie says:

    Hey Brooke, it’s Chelsie. Please contact me at chelsie_grace@yahoo.com. Have a few questions to ask you.

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