Hello 2013!

Hi everyone! I wanted to send out a quick little update. It seems like we always send updates when Haddie’s got some major health things going on, but this time I wanted to let everyone know how great she is doing!

We had a wonderful Christmas! Here is a picture in her Christmas Eve dress with her beautiful sister, Shaylea….

2012-12-24 05.58.53

It was so fun to have people over and for her to be so interactive with everyone. It was a nice change up from the past few holidays when she has been sick or timid with people.

A highlight from the evening came when she received a special gift from her Uncle Gene – a handmade wood table, specially crafted with removeable chair arms for when she is stronger!

Haddie Joy enjoying her two favorite presents; her baby and table!

Haddie Joy enjoying her two favorite presents; her baby and table!

I had no idea she would react to the table like she did. It was priceless!

She is really a big girl now. She wasn’t “in” to opening the presents this year, but just like most 2 year olds, she loved the paper and boxes more than most of her toys!

The most wonderful gift this Christmas was to watch her and realize how much she has grown.

Here’s a little of what she has been up to…

She is practicing standing.

This is my friend, Swoosh.  I'm teaching him how to stand. :-)

This is my friend, Swoosh. I’m teaching him how to stand. 🙂

She even took a few steps on the treadmill last week!

Haddie working out!

Actually, I think she would like to skip straight to jumping, but we have explained to her she has to work really hard to build her muscles to do that. It’s wonderful that she is exploring with her legs and making step like motions with her feet. We have a long way to go, but she is really growing stronger all the time!

Since her 2nd birthday she has been using the big girl potty some! She can give us about 5 signs and tries to mimic several more. She laughs when she is tickled and is not above acting very “two” sometimes;) This is particularly true when it’s time to really “work” on some of her exercises. She can really give her therapist a hard time!

She wasn’t sure how to take Peter when he sat her down and had a “talk” on how she would have to do her exercises if she wanted to be able to walk. He’s the typical Dad, and she is the typical Daddy’s little girl. I’m not so sure she was too crazy about this shift of expectation.

Truthfully, she is very happy. She is creative. She is smart. She is funny. Oh, so funny. She looks down at us over those glasses when she is trying to whip us into shape, which she is very good at I might add. She must’ve gained this skill from her Gratti. Truly, it does remind me of my mom when she does it.

Oh, by the way, we had to get new glasses…we went for purple this time…

2013-01-02 20.05.11

All in all, her blood work is very good right now. Her swelling is down, which is a wonderful perk to Winter. This allows Dad and I a break with some of the decongestive therapy. Can I get a “Heck yea!”? It also gives us a chance to work more on the fun things; like communication, eating, walking/crawling and PLAYING! She has regressed some in her feeding therapy, but is making small strides even so. She has been able to get a few of her vaccines and her flu shots. This was quite a relief to me! We still can’t really take her out around a lot of people, but we are getting there!

There are still lots of financial battles, but we continue to learn to take it all in stride. It is so totally worth it to see this smiling face everyday!

Beautiful Princess

All in all, things are very well right now. We are living – fully living. We are so grateful that God has and continues to meet all of our needs. We will be fundraising soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a facebook page and other events to help our Haddie! I know my posts are few and far between, but it means the world to us that you all care! God Bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! In 2013, I pray the Lord may shine His face upon you and be gracious to you. I pray that He will turn His face toward you and give you peace! (Numbers 6:25-27)

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3 Responses to Hello 2013!

  1. Loved the update! The picture of Haddie at her table with her doll is precious! So glad that’s she’s making such great strides:)

  2. Betty Laster says:

    So glad to hear how well Haddie is doing now! You all are so blessed as God answers and provides for you all! W ill be looking for news on facebook for the fundraiser! Haddie looked so adorable at that new table. love you!!!!

  3. Beth G says:

    Love the pictures, Haddie is so adorable! So glad to hear that you are all doing well!!!

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