Cincinnati Update 7

Okay, she’s done! We aren’t with her yet, but they should be calling for her soon.

One of the team mentioned we must be living right to have gotten in so early, to which I replied, “There is a lot of prayers going up for her.”. To God be the glory!

Everything went very well. The IV access was the toughest part. The surgeon chuckled as he told how these highly trained specialists rigged it for the procedure. Haddie Joy is such a stinker!!!

It won’t last long, and they weren’t able to get the blood sample they needed for genetics, so getting samples of what we need will be discussed later today.

Other than that, her kidneys were a little deeper than expected because of her normal swelling, an inch and a half deep to be exact. They got four samples of kidney tissue. The pathologists on the team are satisfied that we will likely need no more. I think they, and us, are all anticipating what information these studies will uncover. We won’t hear for a few weeks on some of the results.

There appeared to e minimal bruising/bleeding, so all is well on thy front.

They just called us, so I must go see my baby…..


Okay, so we had a bit of wretching and getting sick, but we have calmed down now.

I’m happy. I have a very funny IV, it is sticking out of the bottom of my foot!!! That it’s gonna stick around long! I am plying with Daddy now. Keep praying, these crazy people taking care of me think I’m gonna be on bed rest for 10 hours!!!


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6 Responses to Cincinnati Update 7

  1. Nancy says:

    Her eyes are sparkling! Love you all. ((((hugs))))

  2. Gail McKinney says:

    Awwwww….look at those precious rosy cheeks!!!! I know you are antsy about results… they come in I pray all are good and that greater things can be done for your angel…..

  3. Jennifer Littlepage says:

    Beautiful girl! Looks like she’s ready to move! Prayers your way on being able to keep her calm and laying flat. I don’t think I could stay in bed that long when needed to. HUGS!

  4. Linda Spurlin says:

    God is so good. He has good things planned for you and your precious jewel!!!

  5. Peggy O'Bryant says:

    God is Good !!!!!!!

  6. Jessica Wren Mitchell says:

    Brooke I just realized today that you guys have a blog! I have been reading your posts all afternoon and all I can say is wow! I really didn’t realize exactly all that Haddie Joy has been through! Your family is such an inspiration and she is a strong little angel! God has something extremely special planned for your little girl! She is a doll and I will continue praying for you and your sweet family! 🙂

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