Cincinnati Update 4

Last night was great. We all slept very well. We are in the transplant floor and everyone here is great. They are all going above and beyond to meet Haddie’s needs.

She has tolerated all meals perfectly so far!

Boring day today, which is code for a great day! She will have bloodwork drawn at 4:00 AM, we will meet the doctor performing the biopsy at 6:00ish AM. Biopsy at 9AM.

The bloodwork will not be able to be drawn through the IV, so she will have to wake up to a blood draw at 4AM. Her vitals post biopsy will be every 15 minutes. All of this can be difficult for Haddie with her SPD, so pray she will recover quickly.

Thanks everyone!


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4 Responses to Cincinnati Update 4

  1. nancyrcarter says:

    So glad that you all got the rest you needed. HJ is rockin’ the glasses & gown! Thanks for sharing the times for tomorrow. I’ll be praying. Love you all. God’s got this!

  2. AngelEngel says:

    Love you guys so much! I am praying that all went well, and can’t wait till the next update 🙂

  3. Gail McKinney says:

    I do believe that is the most precious picture EVER!!!!…..might have to replae this on with her birth announcement card i keep in my bible to remind me to pray for that lil angel!!!! So glad things are going well….still praying.

  4. Betty Laster says:

    What a sweet face!!!!! Praying for God’s hand to be on her and His angels all around her and her family!!!! Blessing to you Brooke, Peter and Haddie Joy!!!!!

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