Cincinnati Update 5

Our boring day has gone well!

Haddie decided to baptize her IV in a tub of bath water. She was going to have her biopsy done in a procedure room, but the anesthesia team feels it is safer to be in the OR because of her airway issues. This means she is an add on, and is likely to get in for her biopsy at who knows what time, which means she can have nothing by mouth potentially from 3AM- until tomorrow afternoon. This made the IV a little more necessary for IV fluids. BUT, looks like we will be able to skip an IV, wake her up at 2AM and feed her.

They won’t try another IV until tomorrow when he is already under. This also means no bloodwork necessary at 4AM! Yippee!

It was a blessing in disguise, the catheter was out anyways when we untaped the IV. Haddie knew how to take care of that!!!

Anyways, she’s back in her pink. No IV, no gown necessary!

Pray for fewer emergencies tomorrow! She will get in quicker and be able to eat sooner, and less kids will be hurting! It’s a win and win!

Thanks so much!!!

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to show you all this or awhile…..

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10 Responses to Cincinnati Update 5

  1. Betty Laster says:

    Yeah!Haddie Joy!!!! Praying!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh I can totally see that blessing in disguise. Kind of like her birth . . . Different than planned, but just how God intended it. Love seeing that little sip on the spoon. God’s got this.

  3. Dawn Oaks says:

    That is the first slurp that has ever brought tears to my eyes. Rejoicing with you and will continue to be praying.

  4. Jennifer Littlepage says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! We love you all so much and will continue to pray for each and everyone of you. Haddie Joy is a ray of sunshine every time I get to see her.

  5. mandi says:

    He is good. What a tender and extravagant God we serve- we are the chldten of- co-heirs with Christ… What a Mighty God! What a storyteller. I truly believe that Haddie Joy is just how He intended… she displays His Glory by just being herself. She brings Him Glory and brings His Glory to me- face to face with it; astounded and breath taken what can I do but worship. Haddie you build me up in the Lord and encourage me to be braver than I am and more grateful. You remind me that I am serving a Sovereign God and King who weaves together these bits of life in a way that make me dance and bow. My Joy, is He and His Joy are you. Sweet baby girl you have changed my life- with one slurping from a spoon you bring to my knees before a Holy Throne and cry out ‘Abba, Father! ‘ Thank you. PRAISE GOD!

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