Cincinnati Update 1

We made it to Cincinnati safe and sound yesterday. We all had a decent night and feel good and well rested today.
Haddie is in a great mood and has tolerated her exams well! She enjoys showing off her tricks to all she meets. This morning it was looking through a hole and blowing :))
We’ve set up shop and are having some fun :))

On the agenda for today- at 4:30 she will be sedated and at 5:30 she will have a lengthy MRA/MRI/MRV.


-that the IV access will be easy! (her swelling makes her a very difficult stick). Thankfully she will be asleep before the attempts start. The anesthesia doctor this morning basically said to pray for good luck. We know we don’t need the luck part, just the prayers!!!

-that she wakes up easily and tolerates meals after anesthesia

– That she has a quick recovery in preparation for her biopsy scheduled Wednesday (if the imaging shows it is safe)


-We love Cincinnati! They are completely on top of things and love our Haddie very much!

-she has done very well with vitals and blood draws thus far! Everyone here is very respectful of her Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and have been cautious and gentle :))

-Shaylea is doing great with Gratti and Grandpa. She told me last night she has acquired a pet lizard!

That’s all for now. Thanks for praying! We will do or best to update regularly!


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11 Responses to Cincinnati Update 1

  1. Gail McKinney says:

    So so glad you are sending updates…..prayers from home going up!!!! For Hattie Joy, doctors and anyone that comes in contact, for sucessful procedures, possible answers, and peace for mom and dad!!!!

  2. Alicia Lancaster says:

    Praying for Haddie and ALL who come in contact with her throughout this time. God is in control! Rely on Him in all things right now as always! Love you guys!!

  3. Melissa says:

    Prayers for your family !

  4. nancyrcarter says:

    I’m so thankful that you all got a good night’s rest and that things are going well. Yay! That, in itself, is an answer to prayer. I’m praying about the IV, anesthesia, and test results. Play some praise music on your iPhone when it’s “go time” and know that I will be praying at that specific time and listening to You Have Been so Good to Me, trusting in the One who has been so good through all of this and gives us great joy.

  5. stephanie macdonald says:

    Praying for you all!

  6. Dawn Oaks says:

    It is 6:01. Know that prayers from the Oaks and the Georgetown Homeschool Group are surrounding you.

  7. Carla Stamper says:

    I am part of the Georgetown Homeschool Group and I am praying as well as my church family. What a beautiful little girl!

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