Fall into Me

I often find I want the stuffs of this life. I desire the things that just don’t last. It’s in these “wanderings” that God begs me home and woos me with the sweet satisfaction of staying in Him. Simply abiding. It’s why we were created.

Fellowship with Creator God – it’s here I’ve found abundant life.

John 10:10b
I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly

Fall Into Me

“Rise to meet them Oh zealous warmth;
Gesture! Greater light I birthed

Charge through the long, paint tattered place
Dance across her tear stained face

Touch her senses with season’s spice
Give way no longer, Oh pride of life!

Gold kisses balm the land; Descend!
Transform! Be branded! Beckon men!

Cry out to him who strives; Cry out!
‘It crumbles beneath thy foot, Leave doubt!’

I command thee starkness, dry up deep wells
Plow low the complacent, trod the swells.”

“Oh Broken sod, fear not what’s lost;
New seed lies, beneath thy dross

Breathe deeply, Beloved, Fall into Me
Prostrate thee heart, Stay on thy knees

Exhale resolve; The season peak!
Rejoice I say! Flesh die! Be free!”

Thrust Joy throughout my rattling limbs
“Revive Dry Bones! Be gone, Oh sin!

Oh death, it’s time! I say, Be taken!
Oh Branch, borne down with grief, Awaken!

Darkness Beam! Be zealous! Glow!
Heaven’s Hope; divulge below!

Discern, Dear bough, spite dead of night
Old things have passed, new life shines bright.”

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One Response to Fall into Me

  1. It is so easy to get distracted by the things of this world. Our flesh just happens to really enjoy “nice” things. Thanks for the reminder that the eternal things are what truly satisfies.
    Love you!

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