A year ago tonight……

A tough contraction came.  One nurse scrambled to quickly registered me, another started my IV.  The contraction let up.  Fearfully, I looked deeply into Peter’s blue eyes fully expecting him to answer, “Why?  Why are we here?”

Joy wasn’t supposed to be here.
We prayed.

She came.

I was looking at her.  Looking at her.  She was with us.

They laid her on my chest.  Joy.

Peter, hovering over my left shoulder was whispering, “Cry.  Cry.”  Cry Joy!

Joy cried.

The days and weeks which followed were full.  Full of worry, tears, fatigue, hospitals, praise, tragedy, uncertainties, hard work – trials.

Joy lived.

The word is an image now.  An image canvassed creatively by our Maker, uniquely knit before the foundations of the earth.  But it’s so much more too.
You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.  Psalm 16:11

Tonight I looked Peter in the eyes and said, “We made it.”

A year full of Joy.

We thanked God for being so good to us.

Haddie Joy\’s First Year – Happy Birthday Haddie Girl!

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7 Responses to Joy

  1. Kim Dousette says:

    As I stare at Hannah sleeping in Haddie’s butterfly gown, I give thanks for your Joy and our Grace (the meaning of Hannah). But Hannah’s middle name really says it all: Nicole – Victory. God gave us our little girls and kept them safe through physical trials where we had no control. Amen for God’s Joy, Grace, and Victory. 🙂

  2. Wow, AMEN! That sermon will preach! Love your video and your entry. And that song. I hadn’t heard it before, but yes He has been so good . . . even when things are complicated. Love you!

    • The coolest thing about that song….I heard it on the radio on a day and moement when I just needed it. The lyrics just hit me. I knew it had to be Sara Groves b/c I recongnized her voice. She’s my favorite. But then I found out the male voice is Paul Baloche which is Peter’s favortite song writer. That made it minister to me all the more….God is always working. We just need to pay attention!! God IS so good!!

  3. Jennifer Lear-Littlepage says:

    Brooke! I am truly amazed at how wonderful our Heavenly Father is! She is truly a miracle sent from above! Thank you so much for continuing your blog! Love you guys! Happy Birthday Haddie Joy!

  4. Beth says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Brooke! You are amazing and Haddie Joy is such a sweet, darling, adorable miracle! I will never forget the morning after you had her. We were so happy! 🙂 Happy Birthday Haddie Joy!!!!

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