Quick update:

Since yesterday Haddie Joy has been on continuous pedialyte only. No milk. Continuous just means that she has a steady, very slow flow running through her tube 24 hours a day. Her nurse has allowed her a few 15 minute breaks to go on short walks with us. Today was so nice we were able to take her outside a few times. She was pretty pitiful this morning…very weak, but comfortable. She seems to have gained enough strength today for a few crying episodes. Her bowels are working, just very slowly. She is making enough wet diapers to avoid an IV….barely. Hoping her distention will go down enough for milk tomorrow. The surgeon said her body is just having a hard time starting back up after such a change. Fever is being controlled. No major concerns at this time, just very slow moving.
I’m going to try to come home tonight. This will be the first night I’ve ever spent away from her, but I think it’s a good choice to get out and get a good nights sleep before starting the week alone without Peter. So – pray for me!! I’m sure Haddie and Daddy will be fine 🙂

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