Haddie’s Surgery Update

Brooke is still at the hospital with Haddie Joy. Things are going okay. Not totally smooth sailing, but they’re hanging in there. Here are a few notes she sent so that you all would know how to pray. ~Nancy

G-Tube & Nissen surgery. (There is a little explanation in this post.)

Last night:  She acts comfortable and is showing signs of tolerating her feeds, but she looks distended and is very gassy. She has developed a fever. Her IV is also very fragile and she is an extremely difficult stick. But so far it is still pushing fluids, so that is good. Overall, she had been doing great, until the fever.  No need to assume the worst just yet. Could be no big deal.

Middle of night:  Doc was here. General side effect of anesthesia. No immediate cause for concern.  I’ve tried to type updates several times, but they keep getting lost in cyberspace.  Haddie is doing well overall, but pretty uncomfortable right now. She has done well with small amounts of breastmilk until this morning  She is distended and gassy. No retching at this point.  Some fever, no real concern.  Had an issue with getting the tylenol in her effectively, but we’ve found a solution we think. That should help with the general discomfort and fever.  Thanks for praying!!!

Haddie is still uncomfortable, but at this point, nothing out of the ordinary.  She did poop. Yay!!  Her fever is back, so more meds on the way. Still not a huge concern. Her G-tube is a little snug. We may have to change it out before we leave. She may have an ear infection  Everything else looks great. Holding feeds now so she can rest her tummy.
Oh and praise- we got a room and Grammy came and helped last night :-).

No ear infection. :-).
Painful IV coming out soon. :-).
Feeding to resume soon :-).
Fever meds to come soon :-).
Waiting on “the orders”

Not tolerating feeds.  Back a step in feeding plan. Fever not controlled with meds.

She slept thru the night!  And because we had an amazing nurse, I slept a total of 7.5 hours with only one major interruption. Miraculous!!!  Fever goes down during day and reappears at night. Not always completely managed by meds, but never past 101.8  Still don’t know exact cause of fever. Still not an ear infection. Not a major cause for concern. Just watching.

Feeding plan scrapped and we are starting over. Priority is getting enough to maintain fluid requirements.  That is done simultaneously if she has iv, but her iv was bad and they took it out. Another iv is not an option at this point b/c it took 4 people almost an hour to stick her with ultrasound once she was already asleep pre-op   So, we are doing pedialyte via tube and slowly gonna figure it out from here. Her tummy is  much more distended than they normally see post-op, but they think she’s okay. It will just take time. They did an x-ray to be sure nothing else was wrong. The button does appear to be too small, but they can’t fix that without more surgery. They acted as if that wouldn’t be done until a month from now.

One issue is that her only oral activity is breastfeeding, but breastfeeding isn’t safe at this point. (Didn’t know this part ahead of time.) They still want me to bring her to breast for comfort and to stay oral. I can only do that right after pumping. That is pretty hard to accomplish alone.  Not to mention she just doesn’t understand why she starts and when milk starts to flow, I have to take her off. But she also doesn’t understand why she wants to nurse and I won’t let her. Please pray she be well enough to nurse soon so that way she can stay oral and comforted. 
Peter is coming today and that will help.  Right now she is sleeping peacefully. But she always is fine with an empty tummy – except she needs food.  Ahhh-the major mystery of her life ;-). Other than that Haddie Joy has major trust issues with EVERYONE here, and who could blame her? Some staff get it. Some still don’t understand why she cries when she sees them.  I want to say, “Here’s your sign,” but I guess that’s not very Christlike.

Signing off for now. 🙂

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