I hopped on the computer to post a quick entry letting you all know the news about Brooke’s dad and discovered an entry Brooke had typed, but never posted from last Thursday. I know that you all are praying for them, so I thought I would go ahead and let Brooke’s words speak for themselves on Haddie Joy’s update as I share the news about Brooke’s dad.

Pop with Baby Elizabeth Mercy Arnall, September 2010

Sadly Brooke’s father, Vic Arnall, (pictured above with Brooke’s little niece, Elizabeth Mercy) was killed Monday morning, March 28, 2011, in a logging accident. I’m not sure if I ever even met him, but I know that he loved his family and his family loved him. Please pray for all of their family as they deal with this very sudden and unexpected loss. I was just with Shaylea for a bit on Friday and she was excitedly telling me about how she was saving up to get a horse and wanted to learn to do barrel riding, and Pop was going to be a big part of that.  I know that they ALL are going to miss him in a BIG way. He was a strong guy and I couldn’t help, but think of that strength when I saw this entry from Brooke about how even as they felt so weak, the church has been strong and lifted them up. Keep it up, dear Friends. They are going to need that strength now more than ever.


Keep reading! Here’s that update that I found sitting in the drafts from Brooke. Please remember that it was written last Thursday:

Mommy & Haddie Joy, March 6, 2011March 24, 2011

I am sitting in front of my computer!!!

Wow, this is weird.  Normal things now feel weird.  Ha!

Okay, I’m over that.  Now the real reason for sitting down here –

THANK YOU ALL!  These past weeks have been hard.  Okay, so that is an understatement.  Some of you have called us strong….can’t believe we’re even remotely being accused of that anymore because I feel like it is pretty obvious we’re not.  If any of you doubt this, interview one of Haddie’s doctors or nurses 😉

What is strong?  The church.   His people  And that is what has gotten us through until this day.  All of you – your prayers, love, food, gifts, and laundry folding skills, should I go on?  You have cleaned our house, prepared our meals, stacked wood, and traveled to and from Nashville transporting our latest attempt to solve our most recent trial.  You’ve seen us at our absolute weakest and worst, and still you just love.

Let’s face it, our daily living needs have depended entirely on you all.  We just could not have done it on our own.  And if we did attempt to, we just could not have tangibly loved Haddie Joy and Shaylea the way she ought to have been nourished and loved these past weeks.  From the bottom of who we are….Thank you!!

How insignificant that sounds against the backdrop of service you’ve blessed our family with.  *Shaking my head*  There just aren’t words.

Update on Haddie Joy’s health:

1.  Surgery went well – she has physically recovered from that amazingly.  It seems to have really helped her airway issues, at least the super compressed airway issue.  As she grows, we really aren’t sure how her anatomy might change to complicate this, but chances are she’ll do just fine without any complications…we will basically just have to keep an eye on her.

2.  She still has funny sounds she makes and she has a lot of coughing, maybe a little more now.  But she has had more than one scope and she has a NG tube which also may be irritating her “eat”way tissues.  On top of that she does have some voice box issues which were not an immediate cause for concern, just something to keep watch over.  (I’m telling this all very simply and avoiding using words I can’t spell without looking up, obviously.)  She will still have evidence of tracheamalacia until the tissues of our trachea turn to cartilage….if for some reason they don’t, her ENT said “There are other things I can do” to fix that.

3.  Haddie Joy has what seems to be (after a trip overnight to the ER) a virus.  Thankfully, it isn’t bacterial, and NOT a complication from surgery – so, hopefully it will run its course.  Right now, she is still getting Pedialyte in between feeds to keep her hydrated.  We think she is doing better everyday.  This is setting us back with the whole weight gain

4.  We were all hoping that surgery would correct her feeding issues.  That didn’t happen.  Right now the biggest thing is trying to help her keep food in her long enough to get the nutrients she needs (b/c of the virus, everything is running right through) but not long enough for her to be incredibly uncomfortable.  For some reason yet to be identified, she really is uncomfortable with food.  Something obviously is going on, the big question is – what?  And is that what is making her not want to eat, or does she have sensory issues that are just that bad?  We don’t know…..but we’re working on it…night and day we are working on it.


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5 Responses to Strength

  1. Praying for you during this extremely hard time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. Robin Leek says:

    WOW!Oh what you have been through and continue to deal with..We all do think of you with awe and amazement because of how God is seeing you through every situation.
    We love you and cannot tell you enough how much you inspire us all!
    Praying strength everyday for you all and here every minute to help in any way possible!
    Lord keep holding on tight to Brooke’s precious family during these difficult days!
    we give you praise for everything and for leading them through…

  3. todd parker says:

    brooke & pete

    As i sit here and try to come up with something to say without bring more tears to yalls eyes, i would like to offer what every i can do for yall in this time of loss, i cannot imagine what you guys are going through, but i do know what i would go through. If there is any yard work are tree work and painting are anything at all you need done, i want you to call, email are txt me and i will do it. i must go for now because i dont want to say to much, we love you all and will be praying for you all.

  4. Rachel H. says:

    So sorry Brooke. Prayers going out to you all.

  5. Amy Winegardner Johnson says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss and will continue to pray for all of you.

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