Haddie Has a Cold

Frowny face 😦 

We’ve all had it, so she was bound to get it sooner or later.  Thankfully, we all recovered with time and rest, so she probably will too.

An x-ray showed her lungs are clear.  It is just really going to take her a little longer to get over it because of the tracheomalacia.  She isn’t resting well and she is just sort of pitiful.  It is sad! Wish it was me! 

The pediatrician banished us to the house through the holidays – another frowny face 😦  He doesn’t want her to miss her Vandy appointment, so she has to stay home and recoup. 

She is gaining weight quite well (7 lbs 3oz).  The doc is very pleased with this.

No further news right now – thanks so much for caring!

Love you all – Brooke

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2 Responses to Haddie Has a Cold

  1. Brandy Baker says:

    Hey Brooke,
    I missed you at Church Sunday! I actually got to go! 🙂 I really think we found our permanent church, which is good! When I went before I just loved it at Edgewood. I have taken the kids once before Sunday and it just really seemed like they hated being there, we had to leave early and the time we were there I had to be in the nursery with them. But Sunday BOTH kids barely let me get their coats off before they were just running around playing. lol They just seemed so comfortable and the LOOOOOOOVED being there! I was so glad to! OH YEAH, & last night I was flipping through the channels and Logan saw a choir concert (or something like that) on TV and threw a FIT cause I passed it and he wanted to watch his “prayer” 🙂 So cute!

    I’m getting baptized on Sunday! at the 1045 service and becoming a member of the church. Really quite proud of myself to be honest. 🙂

    I heard you were sick Sunday, and sorry about baby girl being sick, hope she gets better really soon! I talked to Peter to and he said that most or all of the complications you guys were having while pregnant and first born, have turned out to be not much of a complication after all, which is GREAT!

    Do you guys still live on Alumni? I’ll have to come by and see you guys sometime! 🙂

  2. Angel says:

    Frowny 😦 for the cold….Extatic about everything ELSE!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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