Haddie’s Health

This will be a quick update to let everyone know how Haddie Joy’s health is thus far.  She seems to be doing very well.  Lots of eating, sleeping, and soiled diapers – all very good signs for a newborn.

We went to the doctor the Saturday after she was born, thinking her jaundice had worsened.  It had, her bilirubin levels were 10.6, but because she was already five days old, the threat wasn’t as serious as it was when she was 1-2 days old, so no treatment was necessary.  She left the hospital at 5 lbs. 1 oz. and weighed 5 lbs. 2 oz. Saturday – so that was quite a victory!

Last Monday was her follow up and everything looked good.  Her weight was the same, and her general check over was favorable.  No signs of problems.

She also had her orthopedic appointment to check on the possible club feet – no club feet.  After a thorough exam there was a slight concern about her hips that require a closer look, so we are following up with that next week.

Her follow up echo-cardiogram prooved no noticable change according to the technician who took the ultrasound.  There was still a small amount of fluid on her heart and the valve is still opened.  We expect a Dr.’s report soon and another follow up.  Haddie Joy was very good during this, her daddy soothed her fussiness and held her little feet and hands as she looked around wide-eyed.  So precious.

We did get the chromosone test results back.  They show that she is a “normal female karyotype”.   This rules out the Turner’s syndrome according to the Dr. who read the test results and gave the final prognosis.  This caught us a little off guard, but it just proves God does what He wants when He wants, and we praise Him.

We did get a call from a Dr. in Louisville a few days ago concerning some of Haddie Joy’s blood work.  It appears that her fatty acid levels are a bit elevated.  They should be .3 and they are .36.  Right now, they just want to do follow up labs to confirm what they think could be a Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorder called MCAD (the actual name is ridiculously long).  So Monday, we go back to the pediatrician for a her normal follow up and down to the green umbrella to the hospital for the labs.  We weren’t expecting this news, and quite frankly it rattled me a little, especially after reading  a little about it (http://www.idph.state.il.us/HealthWellness/fs/mcad.htm) – BUT, God’s got it.  He has proven that He’s carried His precious child this far, and no matter what happens, He’s not about to stop now, so we will just pray and wait and see.

I do not know who all reads this blog, but if you are one of the Dr.’s or nurses who has touched and cared for Haddie Joy – thank you so very  much (this includes you April!).  Each one of you have ministered to her (and us) in such a special way and we thank you so much for the knowledge that God has given you and that you’ve used it to help Haddie Joy along.  You’ve all been so wonderful, doing much more than required.  The care we have received here in Hopkinsville has been wonderful, and we are so very grateful.

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2 Responses to Haddie’s Health

  1. Tina says:

    Wow, what a true miracle she is…

    Thank you for posting this update. Will lift her up in prayer for the other fatty oxidation issue. I love you! Our Heavenly Father loves you so much!

  2. Jody says:

    Oh, praise God for His mighty works! I am so thankful that she is well thus far, and I will continue to pray for your sweet girl. You’re right, God’s got this. Thank you for keeping us updated, and I thank God for the strong witness your family is being. Keep trusting in His strength!

    Love you!

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