A Pregnant Pause

The time is getting closer for Miss Haddie Joy to make her arrival. Brooke started having contractions on Friday so she & Peter made a trip to Nashville Friday afternoon thinking, “this might be it”.

Nope, just a practice run.

So now they’re back at home going through the motions of everyday life, preparing for Haddie Joy, and enjoying their time having Shaylea, Alex, & Ethan all together.

Any woman who has gone through a pregnancy knows how wonderful, emotional, and exhausting those final weeks can be. Eager anticipation and anxiety all rolled up into one.

Brooke and her family are going through all of that.

Brooke will be going back to the doctor on Wednesday if she hasn’t already gone into labor by then. And they might go ahead and keep her then if things are progressing. OR they might send her back home for another week.

It’s just a wait-and-see kind of thing, and God’s timing is a mystery.

I’m going to try and keep you all updated as I hear from Brooke and Patti. Right now things are just a little crazy because the kids all have fevers and Shaylea might have broken her arm.

Please pray for health, strength, and comfort for all of them. Pray for the doctors, nurses, and all of Haddie Joy’s team. Pray that God will just direct them in all that they say and do, and that Haddie’s life will touch theirs as well.

God is doing something. Let’s all just pause and watch for what He’s doing.

~Brooke’s blogging buddy,

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3 Responses to A Pregnant Pause

  1. Dawn says:

    Such beautiful pictures. These will be treasured always. I’m praying for your family as you walk with Him through this journey.

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks SOOO much for the update. I’ve been wondering and praying! I’ll continue to pray for everyone. The pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Jennifer Lear-Littlepage says:

    Thank you for the update! Praying for them all right now. Love you guys!

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